Dilatation - Balloon Nephrostomy

  • INFO Ureteral Balloon dilator

    Used for trans luminal dilation of Ureteral

    strictures or Ureteral dilation prior to

    ureteroscopy or stone manipulation.


    Size: 5Fr

    Balloon dia: 5mm

    Catheter length: 75cms,

    Balloon length: 4cms

    RBP: 17atm,

    Used GW: 0.035”


  • INFO Nephrostomy Balloon dilator

    Used for establishing a Nephrostomy tract during a percutaneous Nephrostomy procedure.


    Size: 7Fr

    Balloon dia: 10mm

    Catheter length: 55cms,

    Balloon length: 12cms

    RBP: 17atm,

    Used GW: 0.038”

  • INFO Ureteral Balloon dilator

    Radiopaque markers indicate the proximal and

    distal ends of the balloon for fluoroscopy

    placement. It is tri fold balloon with low profile

    thus can be used for maximum number of